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Surprise! We’ve Moved to Baltimore!

Not surprised?

We wanted to let you know why we hadn’t posted in a while and the truth of the matter was this- we’ve recently finished our fancy leadership training program at our employer and have taken a new, bigger, role within the company up north. This role comes with increased responsibility and involvement, but we’ll still be here to raise awareness of the nation’s Opioid epidemic and the action being taken against it.

Yes, we do miss Florida and will perhaps return one day, but in the meantime, our new city is a wonderful place right by the ocean with gorgeous downtown neighborhoods and eateries much more condensed than Jacksonville was, though it all comes at the price of having a winter.

We’ll be doing our best to get caught up on posting, but in the meantime please make sure to follow us on social media for the latest and greatest news!

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Cory Murphy

Aspiring author, engineer at GE, opioid expert, foodie and world traveler. My story of heroin addiction recovery gives hope to others:

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