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I was an all-American high school student. An honor roll student, athlete, and Eagle Scout. I was the type of person that never did drugs. And then I hung out with the wrong crowd and ended up making a life crushing mistake.

My message to High School students: Don’t do dumb things. The smallest mistake could take a decade to recover from.

My message to addicts: Do whatever it takes to get clean. Even if that means running away or doing something weird. Never stop searching for a way out.

My message to the friends and families of those struggling with addiction: Never give up on your loved ones. Be there for them when they want to reform.

My message to those in the medical field: Stop the stigma. These people want help and they deserve to be treated like human beings. They were all good people once and they can be again if YOU succeed in helping them.

My message to law enforcement: Ask your community for help. The people you keep arresting can be cured if they get in touch with the right people.

My message to the public: Reduce the stigma related to addiction. As one of my colleagues put it: “If you found out that your neighbor’s kid has cancer, you’d be over there with flowers asking if there’s anything you can do for them, but if you found out that your neighbor's kid was struggling with addiction, you’d blacklist them.” This problem isn’t going to go away until we all get involved as a community and pick each other up.

My message: Stop the stigma.

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